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24 May 2020
Getting ready for spring: how to quickly cheer yourself up with textiles
Good curtains are not only an interior decoration, but also a successful investment in the interior and your future. The latter is easy to implement if you see in advance which trends, colors and prints will be relevant for at least a few more seasons. How to buy a kit for centuries that does not expire? There are several basic principles.

Which color to choose?
Pink. According to research, pink is associated with romance, femininity and tenderness and has a calming effect. People who like things in pink are sensitive and caring, emotional and dreamy.
Orange. According to scientists, the orange color affects us better than any power engineer: invigorates, energizes and tunes in a positive wave. If orange is among your favorite shades, you are a bright and energetic person, not afraid to stand out in the crowd and go through life with a smile.
Yellow. This sunny, life-affirming and optimistic color can cheer you up even in the most inclement weather and save you from spleen and depression. Take note of this! Moreover, this season all shades of yellow - from lemon to canary - are on the list of fashion hits. Is yellow your favorite color? This may mean that you are a positive and creative person. And you are the soul of the company.
Green. Green today is increasingly associated with environmentally friendly products, natural remedies and a healthy lifestyle. If all the shades of green on your favorite list, you do not hold energy and love of life. Apathy, laziness, procrastination? No, not heard!
Brown. This color is often associated with comfort and warmth. If you like brown, most likely you are a strong person and strive to stand firmly on your feet. People around you appreciate reliability and responsiveness.
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What prints are in fashion in spring 2020?
Botany. Fashionable floral prints in spring-summer collections are as diverse as ever: from naive flowers, as if drawn by a child’s hand, to botanic correct images - all this you can see in the spring-summer 2020 collections.
Animalism. Always the correct answer to the question of what prints are in fashion are animalistic. Another thing is which representatives of the animal world will be in favor with designers. Nowadays, animal prints demonstrate tolerance and tolerance for different opinions and ways of life: along with the carnivorous leopard and python, herbivores are also present in the collections in sufficient quantities - textile “under the zebra” is again in the top trends.
Geometry. The most fashionable prints in any season are a cage and a strip. These eternal rivals managed to "agree." Moreover, the variety of prints knows no boundaries. Designers offer not only a traditional Vishi cage for summer, but also classic varieties of check print: tartan, goose foot, etc.
Optical illusions. These prints fascinate, intrigue, enter into a trance and invite you on a journey into the world of illusions. The intricacies of lines, zigzags, geometric shapes and waves, of course, need to be able to wear. To master this science in the new season offer the example of fashionable curtains.
Exotic. Fashionable prints in clothes are quite capable of realizing your dream. For example, to visit the tropics. If you don’t have any rest in hot countries in the near future, take a closer look at the curtains with bright tropical prints. Palm trees and fantastic flowers, elephants and parrots, vines and orchids - all this, according to designers, must be in the spring and summer interior.

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