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25 February 2020
How to make a cozy interior with textiles
You can update the furniture, re-stick the wallpaper, hang a picture, but nothing will make the room as cozy and atmospheric as the interior decoration with textiles. Sometimes, even in a completely empty room, curtains instantly create comfort. However, today we will focus not only on curtains. We will talk about how to decorate an apartment in an unusual and stylish way with the help of fabrics.
Applying of textiles in the interior
The standard “collection” that is found in every home is curtains, tablecloths, potholders and towels, but there are other ways to use fabrics to transform the interior. Textile decor looks impressive in any room and emphasizes the creative approach of the owners to the design of their homes.
Some interesting ideas of textiles using in a home interior:
• Curtains for zoning space. Drapes made of thick tissue can completely replace the interior doors, they can hide a wardrobe, separate the sleeping area, etc.
• A textile-folding screen is an original design that can also be used to divide a room into zones.
• Designing a bed - you can hang a decorative canopy or cover the head of the bed with a beautiful textured material.
If you are bored of the interior and you want to update it a bit without resorting to large-scale changes, designers advise you to pay attention to bright decorative pillows
• Products in the style of patchwork. Carpet, curtains, bedspread, pillowcases for decorative pillows, sewn from colored rags - one of the best ways to make the interior of the house cozy and unique.
• Textile wall. Accenting one wall with fabric is an original way to revitalize a room. Textiles can be pulled over a large frame, imitating a panel, or glued to a wall instead of wallpaper.
• Tapestry. Such accessories can be made from any beautiful fabrics. They can replace ordinary paintings.
• Lampshade for a lamp. The cover can be sown in the color of curtains, a folding screen or a furniture upholstery.
• Furniture decoration. The easiest way is to close open shelves or a cabinet with small curtains.
Textiles can easily replace part of the decoration in the room, arrange the ceiling, close the wardrobe, divide the space into comfortable areas. There are many options for use, it is enough to stock up on fabrics and show imagination.

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