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2 August 2021
Single-row metal cornice and its types
In about half of the cases, a classic single-row cornice is used for window decoration. It is not necessary to use complex multi-row designs if you need to hang tulle or only curtains. Moreover, the design and appearance of a single-row cornice, especially in the ceiling version, is considered more stylish and even spectacular.

Types of single-row curtain rods

There are many different models and designs. In retail chains and interior showrooms, it is customary to divide them into ceiling and wall types, but for the average user, such a classification does little. Therefore, in everyday life, single-row cornices are divided according to the type of device of the main crossbar, to which, in fact, the curtains are attached. It depends on its design whether a single-row case is installed in a wall-mounted version, or whether a ceiling mount is required.


An approximate list of types of single-row cornices is as follows:

- The classic model with one horizontal bar, usually round or rectangular, can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. Excellent appearance, made of aluminum, steel or plastic, less often from valuable wood species;


- Single-row string cornices have a very laconic and stylish design, they can be mounted on the walls and on the ceiling. In the ceiling version, it is used very rarely;

- Single row rack and pinion ceiling models. The cornice is a box-shaped profile made of thin sheet metal or plastic; embedded runners or sliding hooks are used to fasten the curtains. Installed only on the ceiling;


As a result of the correct choice of the cornice model, we get two unexpected bonuses. First, the efficiency of a floor mounted radiator is improved. Secondly, it becomes possible to grow indoor plants and flowers on the windowsill without the risk of damaging the curtain fabric.

Plastic single-row cornice
Plastic single-row cornices have become very popular nowadays. They look equally good in rooms with low ceilings and in large halls of new types of houses. They are easy to install and also hold well to plasterboard ceilings.

Structurally, such a suspension is a rectangular plastic box, divided by internal partitions into three longitudinal sections. This gives the profile additional rigidity. In a single-row version, the cornice has one groove or cut for laying movable runners with hooks. For two and three rows, the number of slots corresponds to the number of curtains or curtains.

From plastic, you can easily assemble an annular ceiling cornice and even install an electric drive to move the curtain suspension.

This expands the possibilities of using a single-row ceiling profile, but requires special equipment and knowledge. However, at home, even with the use of a hair dryer, it is unlikely that it will be possible to correctly bend a single-row cornice.


It will not be difficult to choose a single-row cornice for a window opening, if you correctly take into account the style of the room and the design of the cornice structure. In addition, the installation does not require serious wall preparation. Most often, you can get by with a set of fasteners that comes in a set to the eaves brackets.

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