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24 May 2020
What curtains will be in fashion tomorrow: we choose textiles that look to the future
Good curtains are not only an interior decoration, but also a successful investment in the interior and your future. The latter is easy to implement if you see in advance which trends, colors and prints will be relevant for at least a few more seasons. How to buy a kit for centuries that does not expire? There are several basic principles.
Maintain neutrality

Have you heard the expression "classic is always in fashion"? So we take this principle into service when choosing curtains. It’s not at all necessary to buy a classic kit, just pay attention to the most neutral one. This may relate to the palette: pastel, beige, white or gray shades almost never go out of style. But flashy golden, too colorful, with unimaginable prints curtains can be ultra-popular now and completely forgotten after a season. It’s better to add such bright details in the form of a decor that can be hidden or taken to the cottage as soon as you get tired of it. With curtains it is more difficult to do, and they cost an order of magnitude more expensive. Bet on current neutrality and chase the fashion wisely.
Сохраняем нейтралитет
Good curtains are not only an interior decoration, but also a successful investment in the interior and your future.
We bet on colors that are relevant and pleasant to you personally

We especially recommend that you pay attention to the second part of the title. The Pantone Color Institute regularly publishes an up-to-date palette for a season or even a year. For example, now the color of the year has been recognized as blue. What is this talking about? It’s not that you have to stock up on everything in blue. Explore trendy palettes and choose the color you like the most. It is he who should be taken as a basis when choosing textiles and accessories. For example, the same blue that the pantone announced may not be suitable for many due to its brightness and the unusual interior shade for us. For example, in the same palette there is a “taupe” color - from a beige scale, it is completely universal, but no less fashionable.

Делаем ставку на актуальные и приятные лично вам цвета

Choose the most practical of the trends
It is rare that fashion houses offer a choice of several trends, each of which is completely irrelevant to real life. Yes, with tenacity worthy of better application, such trends appear, but among them there is always something that can easily be included in a normal interior without making an apartment-museum out of it. For example, when it comes to prints, several areas are relevant now. The first is eclecticism. This is a mixture of a variety of prints and shades within the same interior. That is, those same curtains with gold, leopard and flowers. Obviously, such textiles will cause many bewilderment. It is especially important to be able to properly incorporate it into the interior, so that it looks just like eclecticism, and not like bad taste. Not all professionals can do this. At the same time, another trend - minimalism - is much more convenient for both implementation and perception. Minimalistic curtains are usually of a simple form, without details, simple and clear colors and materials. They are easier to make friends with an already finished interior and visually they look more familiar.

Выбираем наиболее практичный из трендов

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