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What is Jacquard?
Any jacquard fabric is all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied. Very often, if you look at the back of the cloth, long floats can be found; these are threads used to produce the pattern, and it tells you straight away that you are dealing with jacquard.

Though most jacquards are woven, there are also knitted options. Jacquard knit is either a single or double knit fabric made with any yarn. Compared to single cloth, double knit has no floats on the back and is reversible.

Since jacquard is a type of weave rather than a type of material, it can be made with a vast range of fibers. Let’s have a closer look at the composition:

•    Cotton: Soft, breathable, opaque, worn all year round
•    Silk: Smooth, glossy or dull, thin, semi-sheer or opaque, worn in spring/summer and on special occasions
•    Wool: Soft, cozy, opaque, perfect for fall/winter
•    Linen: Soft, breathable, opaque, worn in spring/summer
•    Blend: From soft to slight wiry, various degrees of transparency, most are for four-season wear

These fabrics are widely used for clothing, ties, slings, ribbons, as well as for home décor: upholstery, draperies, curtains, table and bed linen, etc. In terms of design, there is no limit to imagination. You can find anything from florals, paisley, stripes and polka dots to very large, detailed, intricate patterns that can tell a whole story.

Fabric Properties

The advantages of jacquard materials depend a lot on composition. Still, there are some characteristics they all share in common. Most jacquard weave materials have floats on the back side. Plus, they are:

1.    durable and stable,
2.    strong and resilient,
3.    wear- and wrinkle-resistant,
4.    pleasant to the touch,
5.    filled with decorative aesthetics

There are two more reasons why jacquards stand apart from the rest of woven fabrics. First, the complexity of the design and second, the number of colors used. Modern technologies make it possible to produce sophisticated designs with a large or small repeat in the desired color range.

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What is Jacquard?
Any jacquard fabric is all about the pattern, which looks that unique due to the way it is applied.
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