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Luxury Mulberry Silk Satin Bedding Set

Luxury Silk Bedding set Description
Item no.: 26102020-14




King, Queen


Beautiful Luxury Design




Cottage, Bedroom


Mulberry Pure Silk


As the picture



Min Order Quantity


1 286.17
1 093.24 CAD
Care Machine wash at 30 C
Luxury Chinese 100% real natural mulberry pure silk satin wedding duvet cover bedding set.
4psc: 2 pillow cases, 1 quilt cover, 1 bed sheet.

Product size is indicated as Width x Height in the characteristics. Please use an "Order details" field in the Checkout section to provide us with a following information:

1.    A product color and size you would like to receive
2.    How many items of the same color and size you would like to receive

Example: 3 bedding sets – color 1, King; 2 bedding sets – color 2, Queen.

Silk quality is 22 mm (Mommes).

Mommes (mm) is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics.

Momme (mm) is used to measure density of silk fabrics and provide understanding of the quality in a silk fabric. If a piece of silk with the dimensions 100 ft, (30.5 metres), by 45 inches(1.1 metres), weighed 22 pounds (9.7 kg), then the density of the silk fabric would be 22 momme.

All silk bedding items are made from silk that is 16 momme or higher. 22 mm silk has almost 20% more silk per square inch than 19 mm does. This denser weave protects the luster and sheen that silk possess and results in stronger durability. 22 mm silk bedding is the epitome of luxury.

Minimum order quantity for this product is determined in characteristics. You can buy the same product with different colors and sizes to achieve it.  Please be advised that we will not be able to proceed with your order if the minimum order quantity for this product was not respected.