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Cotton and Silk duvets

Dear Friends!

We are organizing a joint purchase for very beautiful cotton and silk blankets. It will take some time until everyone comes together, but we will get very good prices and beautiful goods.

You can choose the sizes, colors and colors of the blankets according to your taste and needs. For this, I have prepared tables with the sizes and weights of the blankets. The more the blanket weighs, the warmer it is. A blanket weighing 1.5 - 2 kg is great for summer. Blanket weighing 3-4 kg is suitable for winter. There are also 5 kg blankets for those who wish.

The sizes are suitable for both local standard duvet covers and international duvet covers. Check the dimensions of your duvet covers. Usually the size of the blanket should be the same as the size of the duvet cover or be slightly smaller.

Please email me at if you are interested and would like to purchase an item. In the message, indicate the size, weight and color that you are interested in, as well as the number of units of the product that you want to order.

Cotton blanket. Details: Fabric - Cotton, Filling - Goose Feather.
Silk blanket: Details: Fabric - silk, Filling - Silk.

As soon as I have collected the required number of orders, I will stop the joint purchase and make the delivery.

Delivery: if you live outside Montreal and its surrounding territories, then delivery of the goods may involve additional costs for you: delivery within Canada.

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